Rookie training days 2013

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Rookie training days 2013

Post  Allday on Thu Sep 05, 2013 6:48 pm

The first training days for prospective players are...

Sunday 22nd September
Wednesday 25th September
Sunday 29th September

All training starts at 10am. This means you need to be ready to go at 9.55.

You will need
-training clothes (track suit bottoms/tshirt etc)
-football boots
-GUM SHIELD its a contact sport and you must have one to take part.
-water and a snack(cereal bar/fruit)

The 48 navy line leaving from market square at 9.30am is the last bus that will get you there on time. More information on buses will be updated closer to the time. A player/players will be there at the bus stop to show you the way.

Theses sessions are put on to give new players a taste for the sport and for the coaches to put you through your paces.

We put on multiple days in order for you to be able to make at least one if you are trying out other sports too. But you may attend them all.

Any questions, ask away.

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